Why the Feminine needs the Masculine


Take a look at the recent history of our race and you’ll see that throughout the previous 2000 years of male dominated rule, there has been very little of this.

Women have been suppressed and where possible, written out of the history books. Intelligent women were burned as heretics and many of the Divine Feminine Principles were deliberately tainted in the books of history; they were labelled as whores, seductresses, witches or downright enemies of God.

Anyone that has taken some time to do their own research on the people behind names such as Jezebel, Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc, amongst others, will know these women were not as they have been portrayed.  They were all incredibly empowered women, standing equally beside their male counterpart in most cases, and were a clear representation of what is possible when a balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies come together.

Because these women were all but written from the books of history, and deliberately kept socially ‘lower’ than the men of the day by power hungry clerics, it is little surprise that many women (and some of the more spiritually developed men) are celebrating the ushering in of a new era that shouts the praises of Divine Femininity.

On the dawn of this new age of humanity, I want to take a few moments to write about why this has the potential of being just as harmful to us as a race as what the Masculine rule has been since the age of Jesus.

One of the key points to remember here is that the masculine dominance of our recent history has been anything but Divine.  It was corrupted very early in the story by those seeking more and more power, and when the Feminine was deliberately suppressed, all balance was lost and we stepped completely into the age that we are only now just emerging from (no history lessons needed).

As a point of difference, the Divine Masculine is not cruel, controlling, or unkind.  Take a look at one of the most iconic Divine Male energies that ever Graced the earth; that of Jesus.  He stood as an equal alongside his Divine Feminine counterpart, Mary Magdalene, and in doing so was able to show us as a race exactly what it looks like to be completely balanced.  The Divine Masculine is just as much about love and compassion as the Divine Feminine, as was often displayed by Jesus, and it is essential for creating balance, prosperity and vibrational harmony for all. Yet for Masculine energy to display such empowering traits, it needs to be held in balance by completely embracing its Feminine counterpart within itself; think Yin and Yang.

Likewise, if the approaching age of Divine Feminine is somehow hijacked by an ultra feminist movement and the Masculine energy is deliberately suppressed, we will see yet another tyrannical age upon us.  One cannot stand independent from the other if we want to move forward.

An unbalanced Masculine energy is represented by the following traits:

  • Aggression
  • Arrogance
  • Dominance
  • Explosiveness
  • Lack of emotion
  • Controlling behaviors

Whilst an unbalanced Feminine energy is represented by:

  • Indecision
  • Vanity
  • Insecurity
  • Dependency
  • Obsession
  • Helplessness

In either case, one left unchecked without the other to hold it in a place of balance, is not a healthy scenario.

We as humans are now entering an age where we have the choice to embrace and embody this delicate point of balance between the two energies, and if we are wise enough to allow the Divine Feminine to catch up with where we currently stand and not surpass or dominate it, then we will discover some truly beautiful advancements as a race.  Imagine a world where the drive, direction and focus of Masculine energy is complimented and held in place by the compassion, empathy, wisdom and intuition of the Feminine.  What amazingly wondrous things we could accomplish for the betterment of all.

When we truly come together in unity, instead of one energy dominating or suppressing the other, we ‘fill the gaps’ in each other so to speak.  Where one energy has a weakness or lacks a strength, the other possesses it as a strength and usually in abundance.  The Feminine and Masculine become Divine ONLY when they stand together, and to embrace one without the other is to embrace imbalance.

Article – Christopher Jones

Image – Phil Wood/Flickr

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