Awakening the Feminine in You

There is much talk these days about claiming, realizing, feeling, etc. the feminine energy that is arising or arriving in our universe.

Writers, bloggers, experts and regular people are having realizations, asking questions and providing inspirations so that we can begin to know and realize what is happening, why and what to do about it.

“Times they are a changin’  ~~Bob Dylan.

Yes, there is an awakening afoot.

These terms are accurate and clear to those who are attuned to the language of spirit and energy.

But, let’s suppose that awakening happens in other contexts and languages. What might that look or sound like?

Could it be that it is the same energy and awareness calling us to pay attention to how our food is grown; whether it is nurtured or forced to produce. Would this also include the unnatural use of chemicals to destroy other life forms that might also enjoy a bit of your garden?

How about bringing to light the corruption in government and corporations? Might this also be a manifestation of the feminine energy?

Feminine energy is the glue that binds us together. It is not women, but it is the archetype that a woman represents. She is after all, the garden in which seed is planted and it is she who has the facilities to bring life into manifestation.

When we lose sight of this basic concept in nature and impose more aggressive, less nurturing processes into the mix, the connection with the feminine becomes overpowered, then over looked and finally lost. When we upset the eco-system we are imposing or rather not nurturing, the feminine process of giving and sustaining life.

When we take compassion, empathy and intuition out of the decision making processes of government and corporations, as well as our daily lives, we are again denying the participation of feminine energy – hence, an imbalance.

Any and all things we do and decide which move away from natural processes removes us from connection to the feminine–to family, community, country and universe.  This lack of connection, reverence and value causes an imbalance of the masculine and feminine.

The lack of balance between these two necessary forces of life, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, positive and negative in our way of doing, being and living, underlies and is the cause of many of the crises and dysfunctions in our world.

We hear people say; “things are out of whack” or “out of line” or “just not right” – all these are awarenesses that something has gone wrong. There is an unconscious awareness, but there has not been much conversation about the how and why.

Centuries of patriarchal imposed rules and expectations have perpetuated the imbalance of energies and power.

The feminist movement was the beginning of trying to correct this imbalance. But, having more women in the workforce with equal pay is not really the thing that will fix what is wrong. It has brought some contextual awareness of inequality, but the problem has not and will not be solved in this way.  And frankly, in some ways, it has created more imbalances that perpetuate the long-standing problem.

Women who become leaders have a mountain of masculine energy to transmute. A few women speaking up and being elected is not the solution.

It is, in fact, the feminine energy in all of us that is calling out to be awakened.

Women have been relegated to the background the world over in many cultures.
The condition of the world, culturally, socially, economically, psychologically is primarily due to the imbalance created by the dominance of the masculine energy, i.e. patriarchy.

Many and most of the processes and procedures in getting things done in our society are masculine based. Our society has been patriarchal for centuries.

The rising of the feminine energy as it has been described of late is our higher consciousness’ attempt to restore balance. It is not, necessarily, more women in leadership positions, although we live with the blind hope that it will help. The culture of government and society in general is patriarchy and until that is fixed nothing will change.

Patriarchy, monarchy, matriarchy and all the other archies are not where our focus needs to be. It is this identity with one side or the other which begins to tip the scales of balance.  Restoring natural processes and order in our individual lives is where it begins. All the rest will follow, naturally.

We, the people, make up this consciousness, i.e. our collective conscience which needs awakening. A coming to terms with how we function together and what we value, gives impetus to the direction of our choices.

It is questions we must ask and answer. Questions which provoke a deeper understanding of how and why we have come to this crisis of imbalance.

Awakening we all must do, yes. Absolutely, yes. And in this awakening will come the realizations needed to right the wrongs of the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies which gives us all life at all levels, in all contexts of existence.

It is not an overnight fix, but nature cannot exist in an imbalanced state indefinitely.

The Awakening – the universe’s effort to restore balance has to take place in our hearts and in our minds – in our behavior and choices.

We have to realize that we need to have care, compassion and nurturing as our core values and way of being and doing. Both men and women must reconnect with an awareness of the people around them and how we can participate in each others lives in a supportive and constructive manner.

What if we were to get to know ourselves in ways that can stop the abuse and judgement of each other?

What if we are able to interact with people who are not well-behaved without condescension and fear?

What if we transmuted our anger into compassionate action towards change, instead of damaging each other?

What if we realized our bodies are not who we are and our possessions do not make us better than someone else?

What if women owned and honored her purpose and archetypical place of energy and entities as the givers of life?

What if men held compassion and tenderness as character traits needed and not ones to be avoided?

What if we participated in our lives with each other in honesty and truth, not lies of pretense or possessions?

The list could go on and on about the things which are out of balance and their solution; but the bottom line is we need to get back to being real and honest, caring and accountable, compassionate and supportive.

Again what if we put the person, the human being, back into the equation of our decisions and choices?

All these things are the feminine side of being that has been lost, overshadowed, overpowered and disengaged.

This is the awakening and it is for everyone, not just for women.

Article – BJ Crank

Image – Flickr (Emily)

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