Do you love the Life Warrior message?

Dear friends of Life Warrior,

Linds and Chris need your help.

As some of you might know, we are writing three books, have a blog and a program called The Heart Path as well as our ongoing commitment to our Facebook followers and coaching clients.

Do you love the Life Warrior message?

We are seeking small pledges from our followers so that we can bring the three  books to print and continue our hosting, blogging and delivery of the program.

Any donation between $10 and $50 gets a complimentary guided meditation and a 15 minute phone session with coaches Linds and Chris.

We know money doesn’t grow on trees, so we are asking for no more than between $10 and $50 per pledge, and in doing so we will send you a complimentary copy of a guided meditation by the wonderful Lindsay and have a 15 minute phone chat regarding any area you wish to work on in your life.

To help us spread the message further, please follow the link below.

With a heartfelt thanks, we look forward to talking with you all soon.

Much love, 

Linds and Chris

Chris - Lifewarrior

Co-founder and Boss Man of Life Warrior, Relationship Warrior and Into the Flow Publications. Seeker, journeyman, Yogi and Practitioner of the Art of Being Human. Life Coach, Counselor, Motivator, Author and Heart Path facilitator. Living my life according to Chris, with my truest love Lindsay. Follow me on Twitter - @thelifewarrior and come check out our website -

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