The unspoken

Those words… Silenced, stilled, withheld.

Building, shielding, wielding..

If were told, perhaps bold.

Sometimes left in the cold.

But if let to be free, being a key, truth expressed, let them rest.

When our thoughts say heel, our hearts scream feel.

The truth unravel, always in flow with travel.

Come to pass the time, sitting, molding and chime.

Once revealed the truth will heal.

Coming clean, shiny beam.

Shake the fear, wipe the tear.

Falling down and getting up, filling back to the cup.

Will always spill, to balance the hill.

Creep you’ll try, nothing but an internal lie.

Once faced full to spread your lips, the freeing once it feels the tips.


Author – Cynthia Jauch (

Image: Flickr/ BK


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