A grateful soul.

So thankful and gleeful for my moments, meaningful, magical, fun and free…..

To express and experience each hue of vibration, color and creation to its brightest destiny…..

Rhyming, timing, perfection of wording…

Expression, creation, performing and channeling…

My cells are alight, flaming and burning, pulsing and vibing and forever humming….

The seconds in NOW which magic behold, those moments you cherish and embrace something told…

Or not told but known…

Deep from within..

I feel it, I know it, this gratitude such a triumphant win….

Good day to you all, wishing the utmost glorious splendor, to find in YOUR moment a diamond to remember.


Author – Cynthia Jauch.  Follow Cynthia on her blog here.

Image- Flickr/Shannon Kringen 


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