Self worth – Are you ready?

When we don’t see ourselves as equal to something or someone in our lives, or we place it or them onto a pedestal, our worthiness becomes challenged within our own minds.

At this stage, we will start looking for reasons as to why we shouldn’t have it or them in our life, and as we all know, when we look for something, whether it was actually there to begin with or not, we find it!

Ultimately, by this stage, we will push it away because we don’t believe we deserve to have it.

So there are two ways that I have found in overcoming self sabotage:

Method 1.  Find the imperfections in what you are placing on a pedestal. Don’t worry, if you truly want and love it or them, the imperfections will not sway you; you’ll still love it or them just the same.  This is something that I can attest from experience.  Once I found the imperfections in what I had placed on a pedestal, I actually loved it even more because it became a more holistic love, more balanced due largely to the fact that I felt more deserving of and equal to it.

Method 2.  Find your own perfection and measure up to what you want in life.  Now, although this is of course the ideal, the reason this is method 2 and not the first course of action is because although our own perfection exists too, when we are sitting in self doubt it is often extremely difficult if not impossible to make this internal shift without outside help.  It is far easier to see something else as imperfect as we are seeing ourselves, and then in doing so, our lack of worthiness for it completely dissolves.

Once we have become equal in our own minds with whatever we were afraid of losing, we completely lose the fear of losing it and all of our need to self sabotage is gone.

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, it really is that easy and just remember, whether you need to take what you want off its pedestal, or raise yourself up onto one beside it, YOU ARE WORTHY of whatever you desire!

If you have any doubts or questions surrounding this, please contact me at so that I can clarify it.

Author – Chris Jones

Image – Life Warrior

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