This is our world. Are you okay with it being torn apart?

We are but screaming at shadows, stabbing at the darkness, attacking our reflections and hating on ourselves.

How can we not appreciate that ALL human conflict arises from a single point?

Have you ever stopped for a moment, put intelligent thought behind it and pondered for yourself what is actually happening when someone with an automatic rifle shoots people in a crowded mall?  How easy is it to watch the coverage of such an event on our favorite news channel, believe the single rendition of things as portrayed by corporate media, shake our head in sadness or disgust and say how much we pity the world, without putting a second thought into it.

“What other thought needs to be given to such tragedy?” I imagine would be asked.

I was still a child in school when the 1991 Gulf War erupted in the Middle East, yet even after 24 difficult years I can still remember as clear as day my Mother shaking her head as she stated that this was the first time in history we have had a countdown to the start of a war.  I didn’t understand the significance of such a thing then, and yet even as I write this, the full impact of that statement surges through me like a freight train.

See, if we are in a position to be able to count down to the commencement of war, then how are we not equally in a position to direct our energies to the avoidance of such?

Take a moment to re-read that last sentence, and really allow the impact of it to sink in.  Because the reality is, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US was okay with watching the armies of the western world invade another country due to the single fact that the corporate media had told us it was okay for them to be doing so!


Although I have never actually done it on account of living as cruelty free as I possibly can, I have heard that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump straight back out, however if you put it in a pot of cold water and slowly bring it to the boil that it will sit there and allow itself to be boiled alive.  Unfortunately, we are exactly the same in many respects and the reality surrounding us right now is that we are not feeling the temperature being brought to boiling point.

What we are not in fact realising is that the world around us is merely a reflection of the world within us.  To be okay with counting down to the start of a war, to be okay with hating on a particular race of people because of the actions of a few and to blindly follow the crowd with thoughts of anger and hatred is doing nothing but further turning up the heat.

As a returned soldier, I can understand as well as anyone the desire to protect our freedoms and way of life, and the want to seek retribution when that is threatened.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a domestic shooting by 3 armed white American men killing a multitude of people at a Southern California social services center, or a full scale bombing by Jihadists in a crowded city street.  However the very fact that we can sit and watch these events on the news and be comfortable with our thoughts that there must be retribution, is a major part of the problem.

Instead of becoming hateful and violent towards each other when we stumble with anger or acts of violence, why don’t we all make the choice to take a journey together where we treat such things with compassion; recognising that when someone brings violence into the world, they are reflecting what is within themselves and are suffering as much as we are.

At the risk of telling people what to think, we need to be as outraged by the idea that we are seeking retribution for the original action of violence as we are by the original action of violence itself.  To condone one and applaud the other is nothing short of madness, and is doing nothing but further perpetuating hatred on the planet, turning up the heat in the pot and slowly boiling us all alive.

Author: Christopher Jones

Image: Flickr – Quinn Dombrowski


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