Another Mass Shooting Leaves 14 Dead: 2nd in 24 hours

At least 14 people are dead in yet another mass shooting, this time in San Bernadino, California. 

At least 17 more people were injured as three gunman opened fire on a holiday party at a southern California social services center. Ten of the seventeen injured were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The suspects, dressed in military style clothing, fled in a dark colored SUV. Police still don’t know the motives. Two of the suspects are dead after police found the dark SUV they fled in, and engaged in a shootout. One male and one female were killed. A third person seen fleeing the scene was picked up and is currently in police custody. No details have been released yet on this person’s involvement.

These people came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission,” San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said. “They were armed with long guns, not with handguns.”  Rifles? Shotguns? Automatics?

An eyewitness said the gunfire erupted in a conference room where the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health was holding a banquet. Other witnesses said it sounded like a gun range.

Beyond that officials do not yet have a motive or identities of the shooters. The FBI, the ATF and the San Bernadino bomb squad were on hand assisting local authorities with clearing the area and searching for leads and clues as to what drove this attack. Government red-tape much? How will anything get accomplished with so many agencies on hand?

What not many people have heard is that this is the second shooting today, as earlier this morning a gunman in Savannah, Ga., shot four people, killing a woman and injuring three men. No arrests have been made. .

And no one even hears about it. Is this becoming the norm? Four people shot and it barely gets a news story? Do we need casualties to hit double digits before a shooting receives any real media attention? This is a wound to my heart. What is our media covering if not this? I bet I could find out more information on Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian than I can on these shootings.

I hate to think that we are  becoming desensitized to these events, if they don’t rathe high enough on the casualty measure. Last week President Obama stated, this type of violence “must not become normal.” But I can’t help but feel as though it already is becoming normal.

Hilary Clinton responded with, “I refuse to accept this as normal. We must take action to stop gun violence now” in a tweet. I agree Hilary, but where do we begin? In a time where the loudest Americans, those on each extreme end of the political belief spectrum, are fueling intolerance and squabbling between parties we can’t seem to get anything useful accomplished

Not even a week after a lone gunman shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in the name of extremist religious beliefs, I can’t help but wonder if America is indeed witnessing a rising trend of hate fueled domestic terrorism. The fact that  three suspects were working together to coordinate this attack rules out the unstable, lone wolf categorization in my mind.

This is the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. No matter what stance you take on gun control, you can’t argue facts, and the fact is this: gun violence is on the rise in America. We are seeing more and more gun related violence. While Americans argue with one another and point the fingers at Muslims and refugees, we aren’t even realizing that our own sense of safety is being stolen from us from home-grown threats. 

Have any of the recent mass shootings in America been committed by foreign born immigrants? No. The FBI classes mass shootings as ‘at least four people struck by a bullet in the same attack.’  According to that data there have been 355 mass shootings in 2015 alone. In America we have five percent of the worlds population, but 31% of the world’s public mass shooters.

These are the facts that officials need to pay attention to, when arguing incessantly over gun control. I by no means claim that this is a simple issue to find an answer to, but something must be done.

Unless we every day Americans want a society where we must walk around armed to feel safe, we must take action now. Our government is so far removed from the reality that the majority of us live in daily. I am an American and I want my freedom—and freedom to me is not being forced to be armed to feel safe. Let’s think about that.

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