Thousands of shoes Speak for Parisians on Climate Change.

Paris has made a statement, with silence and shoes, so that they may be heard with the rest of the world on the day that climate change protests took place all across the world.

Thousands of shoes are laid out in Paris’ Place de la République in lieu of those that would have stood in protest in the hopes of forcing world leaders to increase their efforts and their commitment to fight climate change and reduce ever-rising carbon dioxide emissions.

Paris is gearing up to host the Climate Change Summit, and  in the wake of the recent attacks there, the city is still on heightened security mode.

Armed security guards were noticeable at the Le Bourget center where negotiations will take place. The Le Bourget center formally became a temporary United Nations site in a ceremony Saturday in which French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who is president of the summit, handed over the keys to the site to UN climate chief Christiana Figueres.

Paris shoes Imgur

The city is currently operating under a state of emergency, which disallows large gatherings and/or protests. So on the day that the rest of the world was hosting protests, Parisians instead left their shoes to stand for them, covering the Place de la République.

Millions of protesters across the world, from South America to Australia to North America to Europe and Asia, stood in unison to let the world’s leaders know that it’s time for them to get serious in their efforts to try to quell the rising threat of climate change. Even if you don’t want to admit global warming is real, science does not lie, and this year is finishing up as the hottest one on record. Ever.

In spite of their recent horrific events Paris still managed to show solidarity and their voice in out of concern and efforts for our planet.

If that doesn’t inspire us to act, what will?



CLIMATE angels


Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Image: Imgur

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