To remember your Grace…

“I crave your scent like a man dying of thirst craves a lake full of jasmine tea, water eternally sweetened by the willingness of petals from Grace.

I want to remember that I forever knew you as intimately as I know the air that fuels the very life force within the confines of my physical body.

Gazing long back over the endurance of my life, I realise, yet even before we savoured the saltiness of each other’s glistening intimate skin that;


I always knew you.
You were always there; somehow I always knew that.

I would dedicate an entire life, no ten, to making apologies to you for not finding you sooner; however you know as well as Frost did that way leads onto way.

I came to you as quickly as I could whilst often crawling un-traveled paths, so that when I finally beheld you I was ready; yet somehow I was still found wanting wasn’t I, my love?

I would willingly pledge yet another ten lifetimes to holding that darkness you knew for a briefly unbearable thirty something years.

I would find a way to capture it, light it, burn it so that you could be free of it. I would find a way to live my life only half alive so that you could KNOW what it feels like to stand in the Grace of floating jasmine tea petals…

Thus your thirst be quenched Dear Angel.”

Poem – Christopher Jones

Image – Miran Rijavec 

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